Panteria War Camp

A Pelican is Announced

panteria XI
We return once again to the secluded Caledonian Mountains of PantherVale, where fighters, archers, and artisans came together for a long weekend of feasting, fighting, carousing and competing, fencing and story-telling, equestrian and merchanting, and a rollicking good time. Little bears rode the helms of fighters in the Johan von Traubenberg Memorial Tournament, knife and axe throwers tried to free the thief and Sir Thorson helped the equestrians reenact the Battle of Hastings.

Their Royal Majesties Brion and Anna held Court to announce and recognize a Pelican, a Silver Crescent, a Youth Marshall, several Awards of Arms, a Queen's Order of Courtesy and a Maunche. They received gifts of fabric and illuminated scroll-blanks and all assembled enjoyed the Chaucerian fable as retold by the King's Bard, Lady Chiara da Montepulciano.

The feast recipes are available as Recipes, MS Word format or as Recipes, plain text format. Thanks, Morgaine!

Note that in the ancient tradition, spectators could be involved in a battle at any time. The tradition has been upheld here. If you were watching an event or battle listed below, your photo might be mixed in with those of the participants. Pictures are roughly chronological, with pages 1-13 being Saturday's and 13-23 being Sunday's pictures.


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or by Subject

Archery: [1] [17] [20]

Court: [12] [13] [14] [15] Scrolls: [16]
Their Majesties ask if the rumour is true, but Baron Xavier [won't tell.]
Our Autocrat is Recognized [for her work]

Jack's Taxi
Equestrian (Re-Enactment of The Battle of Hastings): [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]
Note Bene: It is best to be cautious if Sir Thorson laughs while [explaining the course.]
His Majesty's horse [was not amused.]
A magnificent shot [to the eye!]

Faces: [5] [6] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16]
For those about to ROCK ... [there's coffee and quiet.]
Cool. [Fishies!]

Fencing: [5] [6]
You come a-knockin' but [you can't come in.]

Johan von Traubenberg Tournament: [18] [19]
"Are you lookin' at me?" Actually, Master Revlin, your bear [is looking at you.]
Say hello to my [l'il friend.]
Why, Yes. That is a [rabbit on my head.]
In a sudden burst of inspiration, Sir Thorson gets [a leg up on his competition.]

Melee: [2] [3] [4] [6]

Resurrection Woods Battle: [21] [22] [23]
Lineaus and I talked it over. You [shall not pass!]

Thrown Weapons: [1] [2] [4 (1pic)]
The thief [was cut loose!]

Youth Combat: [1] [5 (1pic)] [17] [20]
Thank you for your demonstration, but I'm working [with youth combat today.]

Think there'll be a Brawl?

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